A free community forum where we’ll ask the tough questions, have the difficult conversations, and challenge each other to take action.

Hosted By Jonathan Anderson

Homelessness is complex and multi-faceted, and people have a variety of strong viewpoints on the issue. To help us all learn how to help our neighbors get off the streets so they can live new and productive lives—two goals we as a community share—the Mission is hosting Redding Restart: Addressing Homelessness.

We’ll have both local and national experts join us. (Speakers and panelists to be announced.) The discussion will be practical, wide-ranging, and—more important—action-oriented. The time for theoretical discussions has passed. We need the facts from the people with first-hand experience: what works, what doesn’t, and how do we take action. 

The forum will include news on some specific innovative actions our community partners are currently taking to meet this increasing challenge as well as positive, win-win strategies for the near-future. We’ll also feature some inspiring testimonies of individuals who have broken the cycle of homelessness and have gone on to become productive citizens of our communities.

 The only thing that will make it better is if you join us.

Do you have questions you want answered? Let us know on the registration form when you RSVP (On-the-spot questions will not be taken.) Questions like:

  • What is the root of homelessness?  Is it a spiritual, moral, political or a sociological issue?
  • How many people on our streets are from this area?
  • Why isn’t law enforcement doing more to clean up our streets?
  • I want to help, but where do I start? Is there a central “clearinghouse” where I can be informed of all the different homelessness partners so I can decide where best to put my time, talents and skills to good use?  

We’re not claiming to have all the answers, but we’re ready to have the conversations and ask the hard questions. At this juncture in our community, none of us can afford to be apathetic about a social problem that impacts all of us!   

Together, we can help meet this challenge head-on.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Keynote Speaker

Tom Wolf: California Peace Coalition

Tom is a formerly homeless recovering heroin addict from San Francisco. In 2018, Tom spent 6 months homeless on the streets of the Tenderloin neighborhood struggling with heroin and fentanyl addiction. He was arrested 6 times for holding drugs for street-level drug dealers and other offenses and eventually went to jail for 3 months before going to a 6-month inpatient treatment program where he found recovery and Co-Founder of the California Peace Colalition.

Expert Panelists

Dr. Doug McMullin: Shasta Community Health Center

Dr. McMullin is a Family Physician at Shasta Community Health Center (SCHC) in Redding, California. Carrying a double board in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine, he currently works as a physician for Shasta Community Health Center and is the Director of Innovative Services at the Health Center. Dr. McMullin is active in church and community, serving as Board President for Pathways to Housing, a local non-profit organization dedicated to assisting people experiencing homelessness to find housing options.

Chief Bill Schueller: Chief of Redding P.D.

He was sworn in as the Redding Police Chief on September 9th, 2019. During his first three years as Chief, his Department has recruited and hired 49 police officers, 7 community service officers, and dozens of support staff. With the support of his newly formed Leadership team, they created the Crisis Intervention Response Team.

Christine Cage: No Boundaries

Relocated to Redding, Ca in 2017, due to the overwhelming unhoused population and the
individuals who made up this population. In addition to my educational background, I’ve been
fortunate enough to have the opportunity to commit myself to social justice change and
advocacy for the less fortunate. I volunteered my time with different organizations to build
working relationships within the community to propel my vision and understanding of addressing
the needs of the community. “No Boundaries Transitional Housing is committed to inspiring lifelong changes in individuals and communities that strengthen our society for a better tomorrow.”

Jo Campbell: CEO Hill Country

Jo has worked for Hill Country Community Clinic as a Behavioral Health clinician since 2018 and has been serving in clinic operations since the beginning of 2019 and the new CEO effective the end of May 2022. Jo brings unique experience to these roles as she started working as a clinical social worker in 1990 and eventually moved into roles in the business community for 19 years. She has continued to remain active in Shasta County through her volunteer efforts which have focused on serving the most vulnerable and those on the margins in the community. When Jo found her way into the Hill Country team she found a place to serve the underserved while using her business experience and acumen to help the clinic respond to the continually changing needs of the community.